Drinking direction for best results

 How to stimulate milk production with Mommylicious Juice?

  • To kick-start and stimulate milk production (regardless of where you are postpartum), for the first 4 to 5 days, drink at least 5 glasses per day. 
  • Drink half an hour to one hour before your usual pumping or breastfeeding time. 
  • Warm up the juices for a stronger effect
* 1 glass refers to 1 can or 1/2 bottle
Pregnancy & postpartum  How much to drink per day? (when milk supply is normal) When should I drink it?
30 to 40 weeks pregnant  1 glass  Anytime
0 to 3 months postpartum  3 to 5 glasses  1 hour before nursing or pumping
3 to 12 months postpartum  1 to 2 glasses  1 hour before nursing or pumping